Merely Functional

I sat behind the counter, where I often find myself because, well, the store is just too crowded to wander about. Watching the people fuss over sizes and styles, helping them not fuss as much, and then “have a nice day” them right out the door. Rinse and repeat. Day in and day out. But […]

Book Club: Frankenstein’s Conclusion

I finished the book. The last segment, 40 or so pages. As I read, it all seemed to speak about relationships. The whole story felt like it was more of a character study in human society than a science fiction thriller. Whether you finished it or not, I guess I’ll never know. By now, I […]

Book Club: Frankenstein

Started seeing this fella and while on our first date he mentioned the idea of a book club. I offered to join him because I’ve never participated in one. To be 100% honest, the idea of a book club with this fella was, as you can guess, mostly a reason to see him on a […]

Pride Month – Closet Edition

I’m prone to scripting poems as I experience and process life’s events. Experience the event and then shit out, as it were, a poem. But with this year’s Pride celebration, I wasn’t waxing poetic so much as I was just pensive. In the rainbow shuffle, with all the marketing campaigns, the hour-long commercial that is […]

Psychoactive Ride

I’ve lived a pretty tame life. “They” say that the 20s is a decade of discovery, and that makes sense. While others were out discovering, I was pretty certain about the direction of my life. Fast-forward to my 30s and I took some pretty unexpected turns.  My 20s were stable and focused; my 30s have […]

Major Minor Difference

No, I’m not a musician. I don’t know much about the art form beyond listening and liking, or disliking as the case may be. If anything I’ve written in this post is ill-informed and you know better, I do welcome education. As a writer, I’m fascinated by lyrics. While writing, I pick music that demonstrates […]

Horrible Horror

Tropes. Tropes everywhere, in every genre, in every medium. That isn’t to say that tropes are all bad and have absolutely no place in entertainment or art. They should just, you know, be used sparingly. Horror’s own roster of tropes, when done right, don’t come off stale. Like, “The Creepy Kid” trope. When done right, […]