Life In Harmony
For a moment
I felt it.
For a moment it all
made sense.
For the moment,
the book rested on
book shelf.



Braving the mic at dVerse Openlink night.



    1. That’s actually what I always go for too. I think that poems should be personalized. If you can fit this piece into your life, your way then I think I’ve done my job as a writer.


    1. Thanks for commenting Sheila! I think sometimes we can only realize peace when we stay in the moment. The word balance was swimming around my head when I wrote this…that and I was grabbing my dictionary off the bookshelf!


  1. I like Sheila’s take on it, and I have the sense that you are making a distinction between theory and action (or reality), of finding in a moment what you sought for so long in the study of books. But since the title is “Sensible”, I find myself wondering if there’s a hint of ironic self-mockery going on: “sensible” folks might be said to take their heads out of the clouds of poetry books. Or I think too much….


    1. Hey Mark. Thanks for reading and thinking about the words. Personally, my head is always adrift. It tends to affect my day job sometimes…
      I was originally thinking about balance when I wrote this. But I do like what you’ve said. I can see now how the image of a something solid, like a book shelf, plays into that idea of keeping our minds grounded instead of constantly wandering among ideas (like my mind constantly does).


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