Ode because I Owed

I may be over-emphasizing today, but sometimes another person’s influence is more effectual than they know. In those moments two words may not be enough. Brevity can be a beautiful thing, but it has its place. Fortunately my blog isn’t necessarily one of them. No character counts or client requests here.

I composed this piece (some people give speeches, I write prose and poems) in appreciation of a college that offered a lot of help over the past year; he’s moving on to a bigger future. I owed him an ode because of this tutelage.

Tipped & Spilled: An Ode

It’s there,
percolating on the walls
little drops of ambition
cascading to the
to gather in the shoes
to soak up the socks
of anyone who
stopped to pay attention
of anyone who
stopped holding their breath
and let
their lungs fill up
with that rising ambition
sunk in the tide
of  influence
he tipped out
and spilled
out onto the floor.



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