Prompted to Write

Competition swimming pool block

Faded Glory
42 seconds ago the end

42 seconds was all it took
he was good enough to finish
42 seconds 23 years ago
but the race speeds on
“it’s the difference between
he tells his child,
gracing her with
a swimmer’s wisdom
those small secrets
to keep his
42 seconds




    1. I know! I saw this father coaching his daughter at the pool the other day (which is what inspired this piece). She looked like she was really into all the laps! But who knows!
      Thanks for your comment DayDremer! I appreciate is (and the smiley; love emoticons)


  1. Funny how we relive those precious (winning) seconds in our life..

    Lovely share… (I think the link from D’verse is showing up None.. Good thing I saw your posts on the right side)…


    1. Yikes! Thanks for the heads up on that technical issue Heaven. I forgot to save my update when I changed the link (chuckle)
      I was at the pool watching this father coach his daughter and this poem was reflecting my thought: “I wonder if this guy is just making her do this to relive the glory days, or does she really love all this?” Who knows!
      Thanks for the comment!


  2. nice capture…oh how we try to relive our glory through our kids…but if he can inspire her is it not a good thing…as long as he does not become one of those berating parents…


    1. The word choice in that line was so important because I didn’t want a poem that was all negative. Like water, there is the destruction and relief.


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