Have you Heard of This Alpenglow?

    Sometimes you go to the prompt. Sometimes the prompt finds you.

     This time it came to me. I was in research mode. I needed a shade of red. It seemed the hue of ambition. I could be wrong. So I turned to my “Flip Dictionary” (you should get one) and found a litany of red hues. But one struck a chord with me: “alpenglow.”    

Is This a Dream?
Image courtesy of Ben Heine

Funny word that. I suspected that this was not so much a color as it was a phenomenon. Some Google magic verified my hypothes


     It’s beginnings are German. Probably had something to do with the Alps. But it’s this “optical phenomenon” that describes that glow when the sun is below the horizon before sunrise or after sunset. The light from the sun reflects off the surface of mountains creating that rosy glow. Or it mountains are not immediately present (as in my case here in the Sacrament Valley) the light emanating from the sun’s light will be refracted by moisture in the air or pollutants. There’s more to this than I’m including but we’re not here for a long-lesson in lightwaves.

     This word is more about effects than events. It’s not the sunrise or the sunset itself (and there are probably people out there…photographers, I bet…that make that mistake). But I’ve been known to misconstrue words too. I might have missed the point. You be the judge. Read and pass judgement. It’s ok. I’m ready for it.

The Myth of Earth
She groans under his
It’s only under the
of her
that his power
She conducts the wave
of each
under the force
of his final
after the
streaks across
her face.


How would you use ‘alpenglow?’


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