Does This Drink Make Me Look Lonely?

I have a confession: intrepidness doesn’t usually just happen to me. It’s born of circumstance, a series of events and reactions that burgeon into these “wonky” experiments I end up conducting in the kitchen. Like loneliness. It happens. It lasts for years or just a night. We’ve all been there. If you’ve never experienced a moment of loneliness then you either don’t care or you’re the luckiest person in the world!

Experiencing loneliness usually results in two things: you start mixing up life hard or you stop mixing up life all together.

When you come out of that rut you usually come out barreling. This means recklessly concocting a more balanced life. The first few attempts might lead to some overly-sweet or overly-bitter draughts of living. But then there comes that moment when you find the right mix of heartache and laughter, excitement and routine. Suddenly life is balanced and you’re happy to toast again because it’s going to taste great.

Jolly Ranchers
Because mixing a box of chocolates into a drink gets super messy

 I’ve decided that coming out of a rut is like the time I attempted to mix candied beverages.

Jolly Ranchers work well, as I discovered. Since they’re made up of mostly corn syrup, they’re quite dissoluble.

I found them easier to work with than candies like Starbursts especially since I don’t partake in spirituous beverages. Alcohol will dissolve almost any candy nicely. But if your base is just soda or lemonade then stick with the Jolly Ranchers. I think it has something do with xanthium gum.

So the candies went into a pot (I started with watermelon) and a little water. The heat rose and the candies melted. With a pot of lustrous goo I was faced with a choice: what to do with it?

First it went in with the Lemonade Italian Soda. The sweetness was piercing.

Lemonade Soda
Fizzy beyond description

I contemplated using tonic water, but the taste was unbearable …repugnant even. Does gin really make this stuff taste better?

My next option for a mixer was Minute Made Lemonade. The sweetness was not as strong as the Italian Soda, but it was still too sweet to enjoy more than a small glass.

I concluded my mixology with club soda.  The slightly bitter club soda and Jolly Ranchers (cherry this time) created this ideal balance.

There is no such thing as “normal.” You can’t find it. But you can find balance. You can balance your life to a perfect “T” and that’s the point. In the end it just takes something as simple as a little club soda and candy. Then you can sit back and enjoy the refreshment.

Balance in a cup


    1. You made it by! I actually really enjoy wordpress. The functionality is comprehensive and easy to use. I find it much easier than Blogger actually.
      Thanks for reading the posts. I find making mock-tails to be something of a hobby. And there is always some bigger issue at work in my head when I go into the kitchen and start mixing. I tried just sharing the recipe and the process, but something about that approach felt too…contrived. It wasn’t me. I’m about the metaphor. My poor blog has been neglected a lot lately, much like my writing in general. I can see my ability is starting to dull. Thanks for reading and commenting Terresa! I hope everything is working out for you!


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