There’s Death. And then there’s Death

Death is an eventuality. It’s the great equalizer. This topic populated in my mind while I listened to Brand New on my way to work this morning. This song stirred up the thought of death (not the death of a particular person, just the concept). The song was “At the Bottom.” Take a listen…

Side-bar: I’ve observed an interesting pattern in the music of Brand New, particularly in the past two albums (when I started paying close attention to their music). The lyrics are packed with references to Christian archetypes and symbols (death being a part of the assort). The structure of their songs is also interesting to note. Several of them seem to start with a focused scene before broadening into the concept.

Back to death.

I’m listening to this song and a few lines struck a chord with me:
“We never are what we intend or invent
‘Cause I made little lies, and then pulled them apart…

A deer that hunter shot in the heart
Some dogs got hit by  cars
All came to spill their guts…”

I heard those lines in between lines about death and dying and I realized that there is death and then there is death. If you’ve ever looked into Tarot then you know what I’m talking about. If you’ve ever bothered to analyze your dreams then you also have an idea of what I mean. You know, the whole representation of change.

And more than just change in general. This song, “At the Bottom,” left the impression that death typifies a very specific kind of change. I saw death as a change from dishonesty to truth. When we stop telling lies or living by lies and start being hones or heeding the truth–the truth about who we are and what we want–there is a little death. When we tune out the “What if’s” and acknowledge what’s really before us then there is a little death.  But death is never about the end.

“We are never what we intend or invent”


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