A Particular Conversation Met With a Specific Poem

I had an interesting conversation the other day with an interesting person. Not the kind of “interesting” that leaves a bad taste in your mouth. More like the kind that leaves you curious.

The conversation brought to mind this poem I had written some time ago:

Lover’s Prayer
Can I fall asleep in your arms tonight?
I need a heartbeat in my ear
that is not my own.
Can you run your fingers through my
hair? It’s thin on top but maybe tonight
you can pretend it’s full and soft. You can
pretend I have indigo eyes  and
innocence still written across my
Then I’ll fall asleep forgetting my sins, my
selfish voice and only remember to


I think of this poem often. Especially when I’m embarking on new romantic endeavor. There may have been that moment where we met someone who seems so perfect and you wonder why they’re talking to you because the only thing you know about yourself are the imperfections, the missing pieces, and the mistakes. Even when the object of our affection has accepted us, we still feel the sting of those gaps. So we pray to our lover’s that they’ll fill those gaps in our mind and that our trust in them will be justified because they will help us forget.


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