Life wants avoiding sometimes. There are plenty of reasons for it. There are plenty of tactics to do it: booze, meth, TV, food, sex, porn. Even rushing to avoid the sad and embarrassing moments in life, it’s inevitable that some of the good ones are missed too.

Then I heard a song, and remembered why avoidance tactics sucked. This song, right here:

Something about this song reminded me how music heightens our connections to life’s experiences. There’s no way to feel numb to life when music is playing. And that’s really a much better approach to life: feeling it head-on. Head on…that idea is how I arrived to this poem:

Choosing to
meet the
intensity of
living head on,
keeping  the
lines between
the blues , reds, and greens
feeling your
slide into
every moment,
walking from
serenity into anger
from apathy
into enthusiasm,
unable to ignore
the smell of
the briny
liquids pouring
out of the body.



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