Are Some Ideas Too Big?

I bought a box of Cap’n Crunch. And I was happy. When I feel connected to something like that, I write about it. I found it difficult to put into words what my morning bowl of cereal meant to me. Are some ideas too big to put into words?

I wrestled with the words for a few days. I avoided them for a couple of days too (“Oh, I can’t. I have to work late.”). No arrangement of words seemed to adequately represent what I had in my mind. I made an attempt anyway. So this poem is still just a draft:

Why I love My Cereal
From the corner of my bed,
six in the morning,
I look out at at day
already too big
to imagine
too intricate
to fathom
too tightly rolled
to impregnate with
an idea,
like some science project
gone array.
But in this morning hour, at the
foot of the day, there’s nothing
a spoon,
the bowl,
some milk
and the crunch
of my cereal,
my bowl of cereal.



Anyone have a favorite cereal besides Capn’ Crunch?



  1. Life cereal. I still remember growing up to the Mikey commercials. Saying I like Life cereal, almost sounds cliche in light of your poem. I visualized life looming large waiting to consume you/me before we had a chance to begin the day. Amazing how such a simple thing like a bowl of cereal can ground you into the moment. Simple enjoyments.

    Sorry, I’m a bit philosophical in the morning hours. I wake up and see the day as a challenge to be wielded or something physical to trip into like a new encounter. Either way I get to create a moment or a memory I didn’t previously have. Turns the morning into a promise of a sort…

    And now you have me wanting a bowl of Cap’n Crunch.(Hugs) Indigo


    1. Oh, and are some ideas too big? Sometimes words just need to marinate, like a sweet elixir for a few days. We may find only one word or emotion here and there to describe that elixir, after a few days those words string together as key ingredients to the recipe (the idea we have brewing).

      Too big? I think it’s just a matter of adding just the right ingredients – our own making that decide. – Indy


      1. This is sound advice. I remember working on a poem. I had just one word that wasn’t sitting right. And it took me a few days ruminating on that one spot to find the right word! Thanks for the wisdom Indigo!


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