Feeling Sentimental

A wise man once said that extended families gather for two reasons: the end or a beginning. They see each other at the funeral or a wedding. Everything else in between doesn’t warrant the attention of some many people.

The end and a beginning.

Beginnings are interesting things. The eye can drill down into a beginning and see a story within a story. An entire world of characters and attributes would be unfolded before the first chapter is concluded. There’s something about seeing the beginning without getting the rest of the story. It’s the reason all the fairy tales end before the morning dawns after that first kiss.

Beginning Hand in Hand
This is what a beginning looks like.

I have thought about beginnings and stories. The thing about writers is that they’ll take a person’s beginning and pull it apart, and rebuild it into something like a poem or prose so that it’s different, with only traces of familiarity.

My friend told me about how he and his wife began their relationship. It was a touching story. I fell in love with the story immediately. Being a writer, I took the story and poured it into the mold I had shaped in my mind.

The Only Story Ever Told
It took place high

the wind, above a map
the stars in a sky
deep to see…
He strings his words together
turns the corners at a walking
She breaths in his admissions
tasting the words for
She pours out her hope
and he cries just a little.
breathing together like
just started on that



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