Bachelor-infused: Sweets

As far as my bachelor experience has taught me, most single guys aren’t imbued with the knack for whipping up cookies like mom. But there are ways around that. This style of cooking (in this case, baking) is what I like to call “Bachelor-infused.” This time, we’re talking cookies.

Baking is a beast entirely different from cooking. A meal fresh out of the skillet doesn’t take much in the way of precision. Try just throwing in some sugar and flour and see what kind of dessert you get. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to make the process a little simpler, especially when baking is not familiar territory. Cake batter is the saving grace when creating a batch of cookies that actually taste heavenly. 2013-03-03_14-39-16_724.
The point of creating a homemade batch of cookies is about the time and effort. The details, the route, is inconsequential. So instead of measuring out tablespoons of baking soda, just open up a box. Don’t fret about getting the right amount of sugar. Just make sure there are eggs available. Have the chocolate chips on hand. It may not be the same recipe your mom reads off her index card, but that won’t make your cookies any less worthy.

The great thing about these cake-batter cookies is that they are tough to mess up. Here’s how it works: oil (the amount shown on the box), eggs (the same number you see on the box) and some chocolate chips (as much as you want), then mix. Bake (at the temperature you see on the box) for about 10-12 mins. And what you pull out of that oven is a batch of impressive cookies. Cookie

But they make look fluffy and be the perfect shade of gold, but that is immaterial if they’re just going to be hoarded. There is truth to that old adage: “the secret ingredient is love.” A cookie shared is the best cookie in the world. The point to baking in not the food stuff itself. There are healthier arrangements of flour, and eggs. The real point is to put the very best of yourself into something. And then you give that very best away, to a friend, a lover, or even a stranger.


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