This Inevitability

You’ve gone through it. I have. We all have. It’s inevitable that an experience as emotional as a break up gets digested and excreted as a poem. Well, it’s true for folks like me. This is what I….uh, came up with: 

A Bullshit Fairy Tale

I went out for a walk,
No intention in mind,
when I crossed his path
as he tried to cross mine.
A tall gallant order
he was,
with a shock of auburan hair
and a smile
that ate up all my care.
How could I not buy
the magic beans he
waved in my face?
He promised to hold my
hand while I planted
He promised they would
feed me forever
and sprout adventure
A wink from him and I
was sold. I paid
the hefty due.
He handed me a pouch
with a bean or two
and sent me off on
my own,
to sit
in the dirt watching
over beans that
refused to grow
and promises that
never showed.




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