Missing In Action

It’s not really a letter…

I was thinking about romantic rejection last month. Yes, it was a personal experience that brought up the whole subject, as I began to venture out into the dating scene again. It’s wild and treacherous. If you were successful and made it out then please, what’s the key?

Image courtesy of Ben Heine
Image courtesy of Ben Heine

In any case, writing happens when life is happening, so as my life was moving right along, this poem was spawned. We all take rejection differently. Some of us (author included) take it much harder than others. There’s an internal glitch that I need to locate and fix, I think. This piece was born a few weeks after an instance of rejection. It came together one little line at a time over a period of a few days. Then add in time for editing, and there is a poem!

Missing In Action

Irises bloom
Irises wither
Blood on the barbed wire
While his beat slips away
Dirt on his lips
No water
To Pry
The salt and grime
From under his eye
There was never a word
On where he
Had gone
Never was I daring enough to
Pick up the phone
That truth, it comes down
Hard, bites into the soul
I think I’d like to be alone
For now.



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