That Word

bing writers
Photo courtesy of K.B. Owen via the WANA commons on Flickr.

We say it all the time: “I’m an aspiring writer” or “I’m an unpublished writer”. We don’t want to say too much. We want our craft, our art, our dream to be taken seriously. That word will always have a place in our speech, because it’s something that is woven into our existence.

That Word “Writer”
That word
sits on my mind
like a convoluted excuse
all the while I cradle it
between things I
have to do and
the things that
I don’t

I use that word
like something that would save me
it might put food on the table
it might fix my squeaking breaks

That word
is something that fills the
time with more than just pillars
of ash
I always bring up that word
like the weather
to assure myself
that the world
sees it the same way
I do.

I roll that word
around and through my fingers
from hand to hand until it has slipped
down to my feet
Of course I bend down
rub my face
into this word
as deep as I can
to slurp up
every drop


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