Timing and Half a Dozen Notebooks

Which OneI had another poem in mind, but it’s lost at the moment. I’m not exactly sure where I jotted the idea down. It’s not a bad thing to be lost among so many words. At the moment it’s not a good thing either. I was moved to share this lost poem today. As I flipped through pages of drafts and scribbles, I found a poem I etched out a few years ago and then put aside. It seems to read much easier now after the passage of so much time. I guess it’s like wine, just got better with age. I’m sure having new experiences and new eyes didn’t have anything to do with how I see this poem now…I’m just being facetious there.

I’m going
on vacation for
a couple of weeks
In my absence
feel free
re imagine me
more to your
another me
more willing
the type of guy
freely packaging
thoughts into
brown paper words
Feel free to shake
them upside
shake around the
imperfections you
Feel free
In two weeks
you won’t have me.


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