Coming and/or Going

Bouquet toss
Photo courtesy of John Mayer via Flickr Creative Commons.

There are places, moments, and words that serve more than one purpose, sometimes in contradiction to one another. I think of churches. They are places that where the whole spectrum of the human experience happens, from beginnings to endings. It reminds of something my great uncle Allen said at a funeral. He said that families seem to gather mostly at births and deaths, when the ship is coming in or leaving. I liked that phrase. Though I would amend it to say that families gather mostly at weddings and funerals. Still, at the beginning and at the end. I saw a church one day and Uncle Allen’s words reared up from my memory. As I watched people gather for funeral services this poem took shape in my mind…

The Ends and the Beginnings

Her bouquet flew into the
a perfect arch
from her heart
His casket drops into a
voided plot
straight into the dark
Heaven or hell
what’s waiting when
either one lands
is what there is to
No stopping hope
from tearing
from every
spectator’s eyes


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