Nailed It

Pinterest came on the social media scene and brought with it a barrage of crafty ideas. Martha Stewart drones were coming out of every nook and cranny of the internet. Most of the ideas seemed fun, like they would really impress a room full of people. There was only one catch: easier said than done. From the many tiles of Pinterest came the satirical phrase: “Nailed it”.

And the picture made it look so easy.
And the picture made it look so easy.

These are the instances of Pinterest projects gone wrong…terribly wrong in many cases. But it’s not like these projects are impossible. Someone created them and many have recreated them, else they would have died out. I am not immune to the lure of promise of wildly successful Pinterest recreation. I focused my energy on the Eldredge knot. It seemed like a practical choice. Have you seen this knot? It’s not a brainless Windsor knot, that I have been tying for over a decade and do strictly from muscle memory now. No, this endeavor would take a calculable amount of brainpower.

You are SO not a Full Windsor.
You are SO not a Full Windsor.

Fifteen steps! So one Sunday, as I prepped and groomed for church I put my phone in front of me and watched the man show me how to tie this monstrous knot. Almost an hour later I had manage to actually nail this Pinterest project. As I beamed proudly in the mirror, I was reminded of the elation that came from teaching myself, and learning something new. It had been a considerable time since I had struggled and failed to gain new knowledge. And so this reminiscence begat a poem that I would like to share…

I used to know
How to teach myself
things I used to sit
down to a piece of
paper and write
in my sloppy script

until the slant and curve
was art.
It was no small thing to demand
more of the loop in my P’s or
my G’s to be tight.
It was no small thing to throw out
a word because it looked like
the wind.
I used to know how to learn
I would peel back the skin
of a dictionary,
and peculiar they would say.
I would pluck a word from

the page and toy with it
until I understood it
as a verb
as a noun
intransitive or not
daring to be wrong
until there was no
mystery only
a familiar sound.
I used to know
how to wait for
I saw love far off
even when she
let go of my hand for
I used to know

Did I nail it?
Did I nail it?

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