Bachelor Infused

Only if life were as simple as baking chicken rolls, stuffed with all kinds of good stuff.

That’s the idea when life ends up handing you one of these…weird twists. There are some people who enjoy an even keel. There are people who crave and seek out unpredictable situations. There are some people who like a minimal dose of confusion and uncertainty. It’s not up to the individual to decide the time and form of life’s little surprises. It’s up to each person to compose a reaction.

That’s where the chicken comes in. Chicken is a very adaptable food. It makes an appearance in a variety of dishes. It fits appropriately atop a salad. It does well dressed up but it’s still functional in a plain state. See, chicken just works on so many levels. Next time there is a chance to peel off the skin (or not) look and see what it’s becoming (or not). Is it being dressed? Is it being stuffed? How is it being cooked? Maybe it’s being left blank? The point is, it can become something. Even with a little effort, someone is leaving some kind of impression as they march over it with a troop of spices.

Did someone say ‘impression’?
And when life marches past with its varied surprises, is an impression sticking?

This bachelor likes to think these sorts of things as he makes his amateur attempts at cooking, especially when life is filled with some turbulence. This turbulence played on my mind as I went to work on a new recipe. The idea came from a dish my mom has made in the past.

So here’s what I did. I took a couple of chicken breasts. I pounded them with a meat mallet until they were pretty much flat. This gave me a workable surface. Next came the creation of the filling:

Always thoroughly rinse your produce. That’s what it say on Pinterest.
Spinach (wilted in olive oil and garlic)Bacon (duh!), chopped up
Sundried tomatoes (this was the minor uncertainty I was intentionally inviting into my life since I’ve never cooked with them before)
Red onions
NOTE: Ricotta cheese might be added to this mixture. It could help. I’m not sure. That’s just a hypothesis.

I threw all those ingredients together and mixed them up. I sprinkled a layer of parmesan cheese, put a healthy spoonful of the filling down, and then I rolled those chicken breast up and put them on a lined backing sheet. This more improvising: I smeared some coconut oil on the chicken because I like the flavor it gives. Next: more parmesan cheese. Into the oven they went (at 350 degrees, mostly because that’s usually what chicken is cooked at) until the kitchen smelled like parmesan. Don’t ask me a time because I usually cook by smell. At the end, though, what I had was a delightfully lite dish, and a nice reminder to keep improvising and creating out of the crazy beat that life plays.



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