A Nine Minute Mile


This may seem like one of those topics people only discuss during the first few weeks of the year. That’s a choice a lot of people make. Priorities are fluid. They shift around now and again. Then there are values. Those don’t shift as easily or as often. Some people keep the idea of running, and fitness, as a core value. The rest of us treat it as a priority, all shifty and loosely attached. I always looked at fitness as a tool to take care of the stress. I like to think of it as a goal, a way to furnish myself with an awesome, sexy physique. That isn’t true, and if you have seen me without a shirt you know that. Even with a shirt on, you know that. The times I do go out for a run it’s because I’m working on my mental state rather than my physical. I like the idea of a competitive run though. I love listening to my friends share the virtues of victory against the distance and the clock. Pay a visit to Stretching in Heels for a taste of that competitive experience. For a more relaxed look at running, sit back and enjoy this poem I penned while I sat at the park after my jog, and watched the other runners troop past my bench:

The 9 Minute Mile

Gyms all your life
Machines, treadmills
No end to where you
Can run
When you don’t
Run anywhere
Therein you find yourself
In command of a
9 minute mile
Pounding out the pace
On a daily basis
Minimal sweat to
Participate, just a slight
Sheen to witness the

Then one day
Gym burned down so
you took to a trail
That turns away
That bites back
Not inclined to slack
There you go
Transposing your medium
9 minute mile
on an unruly surface
Now worth a full
Thirty full minutes
Your perspiration pools
Behind every joint
Do you feel it?
The authentic definition of
“A run”
Reverberating up your


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