To Brazil

I have a pen-pal (electronically, that is) in Brazil. He asked me to write him a “beautiful English poem.” I sat and thought, then put pen to paper and came up with something. I’m not sure how beautiful it is, but it is in English. I’m not sure if it translates well. When I thought about what I would write for him, I had the picture in my head of carrying someone across the continents. I thought about strength, not the kind a person creates in a gym, but a more practical strength. Strength really was the theme here. 

This is to Brazil, from America:

Strong, Naturally

I’ve amassed these muscles
the practical kind
Not sculpted
but born
from moving the rocks
of the earth
Muscles that move me fast
out of the viper’s path
Muscles to keep me afloat
in the rolling current
Muscles bold enough
to lift you up
into the sky
away from the mire
Can you feel them
Watch me use them
to protect us from
wolves and lawless men



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