Oh Well

There was a line I heard once from a friend or someone; I’m not sure of the source of at this point. It was a memorable line. It went a little something like this: “I would rather have a bunch of ‘Oh Well’s’ than ‘What If’s.’ It was an impressive phrase. It’s a philosophy that encouraged affirmative replies to the requests of life, wiping away the fear of disappointment. Each experience that appeared to fail  was better than experiences left on the shelf.  This perspective appeared appropriate especially in the realm of love. I thought of all the beginnings that had such swift endings and I used to ask “Okay, what’s wrong with me?” After I adopted this phrase, I was no longer tempted to ask that. I took the experience for what it was and savored the moment. 

Image courtesy of http://remotestarterblog.com/
Image courtesy of http://remotestarterblog.com/

So I penned a poem as these thoughts paraded through my mind: 

My Favorite Oh Well
That song he tended to
recite is
on the radio
The words wrap
around my ears
and all of our firsts
address my attention
I pull out my phone
to tell text him
Fingers hover
Theoretical sentences
wither on the stem
A message I’ll never
send to wherever
he might land


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