Epic Movie Marathon Time

There isn’t a need to hash out the definition of the word marathon, so let’s take that idea and contextualize it! Let’s say, oh, I don’t know, movies. In light of viewing the latest Hobbit movie, I thought to myself: what would an epic movie marathon look like? How is one to judge the epic-ness of a movie marathon: Is it duration? Is it quantity of movies? Maybe it’s just the quality? I’m going to side with all of those facets. They seem requisite for the full description of “epic movie marathon.” Following are a few franchises that would make an “epic movie marathon.” Feel free to disagree or comment with additional ideas. I’m not a stone.

1) The James Bond Collection

What, George Lazenby and Timothy Dalton weren't sexy enough?
What, George Lazenby and Timothy Dalton weren’t sexy enough?

With 46 years of theatrical releases, the James Bond collection would have to be one of the most epic movie marathons in existence. Think about it! The first movie was released in 1962 and there has been a new feature every one to two years since…except for that dark patch between “Licence to Kill” and “Goldeneye.” But that’s okay because you have 22 films to get through anyway. These features total up to about 46 hours of viewing awesome. So stop drinking now and you should be dehydrated enough to get through them all this weekend without constant interruptions. We can revisit this marathon as more additions pop up. Daniel Craig has a lot of work to do if he is going to catch up with the likes of Sean Connery (6 Bond titles) and Roger Moore (7 Bond titles).


2) Harry Potter

Honestly, how many times have you already done this movie marathon?
Honestly, how many times have you already done this movie marathon?

We all fell in love with the boy with lightening scar. And every year we yearned for the next installment. Thank JK Rowling she kept writing adventures for the eclectic student body at Hogwarts. We might not have over 1,183 minutes of wonder to watch (that’s 20 hours, FYI). So really, you just need one unoccupied Saturday to get through this trove of films. This is the second most epic movie marathon of all time (well, to-date at least). It’s easy to forget the volume of time being invested when the story flows so effortlessly from one feature to the next. That and it feels like we all grew up with Daniel, Rupert, and Emma. You practically feel like their buds.


3) The Avengers

So, does Black Widow not get her own flick?
So, does Black Widow not get her own flick?

I have to be careful with this set. There are some fanatics out there that would like to apply scathing words to anyone who would besmirch this franchise with any iota of inconsistency. I’m not going to comment on the order; the Marvel Universe is tricky enough on the page. This hero mix, with all of its independent parts and the cooperative efforts, provides a combined total of 19 hours of viewing material. Now, that total doesn’t take into account the unreleased second Avengers film. We can add that bad boy in when it hits theaters. This epic movie marathon gives you the Iron Man trilogy, both Thors and Captain Americas, The Incredible Hulk as well as the Avengers first combined battle. So grab every bit of avengers apparel you own and enjoy the shows!


Is that the theatrical version or an extended version, Gandalf?
Is that the theatrical version or an extended version, Gandalf?

4) The Collective Works of Tolkien

I have such a soft-spot for The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. I have read Lord of the Rings at least once a year for the past ten years. The stories are epic in and of themselves. When Peter Jackson put them to film, he carried that persona over onto the screen. I was actually pretty surprised how this set of films did not add up to more time. We have all been there, watching one of these films in the theater wondering when the cliff-hanger ending will strike as our ass goes numb from sitting through almost three hours of battle and chase sequences. Ah, but it’s an epic movie marathon of magical proportions. Minus the yet released third Hobbit film, you’re looking at about 18 hours of view time. Considering that’s only 5 movies compared to the Avengers 9, maybe I should switch the order?


4) Star Wars

And I mean ALL of them, even the ones we all didn’t care for. They are part of this journey too. Although, I did leave out the highly amusing animated series “The Clone Wars.” You can catch those on Cartoon Network. Back to the movies. This franchise belongs on many a movie list. The original set is enduring. Put them all together for a single viewing and you’re looking at about 14 hours of adventure. That’s plenty of time to still head out on the town and regal your friends about how you spent your Saturday afternoon with an epic movie marathon.

From the agonizing Phantom Menace to the awesome Return of the Jedi...epic!
From the agonizing Phantom Menace to the awesome Return of the Jedi…epic!













And these are not so much epic as they are fun…

5) Saw

The violence isn't wanton. There's a point.
There is more to this franchise than wanton violence.

There is a difference between scary and out-right gore. The Saw franchise is just plain gore. Though I will concede that the story is interesting, but it only works when you marathon these films. Not to worry, there is only seven films that total about 12 hours of torture-porn. You can stomach it. Honestly, I hid my face through most of the first one. After going through the whole collection I can watch with both eyes open.


6) Resident Evil

She just keeps kicking ass.
She just keeps kicking ass.

The theatrical releases of these movies felt sporadic. I see them on Spike TV now and again. I feel like carving out the meager 8 hours to see them back to back would help bring a sense of closure to my life. I read rumors that another installment is to be released. I hope so. The story seemed unfulfilled in that last feature. It’s still an amusing venture. The films aren’t a complete flop. They’re the type that are just fun to watch. Just drop your expectations at the door and enjoy the shows!



7)Indiana Jones

Because I wanted to wrap this list up with something both fun and personally enjoyable….and because Harrison Ford, mostly because of Harrison Ford. I’m down with 8 hours of  this guy and his archaeological adventures. I’m not a huge fan of “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” though. I would rather keep those 121 minutes.


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