Reflection on the Past

Summer, 1996. I was getting ready to head off to the high school campus. It was time for another day of summer conditioning. I had the TV turned to MTV, back when they played music videos. Nas came on. His single “If I Ruled the World” featuring Lauryn Hill) was playing, again. It seemed ever day, as I prepared to depart for summer conditioning, this song came on. No complaints here. It was good song to be stuck in my head as I ran, and ran, and ran under the brilliant sun. It was motivation.

I wrote a little piece reflecting on those days…

Sun slanting at the
5 o’clock hour
A boy knee-deep in
lungs sagging under
the century-grade heat
every ounce of persistence
wrung from
every pore
runs into his eyes
the reek of endurance
saturates his clothes
he beats his cleats into
the dry turf
kicking up clots of
dirt until he arrives at
the end


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