Bachelor Infused: Guac

I had a couple of avocados stationed on the counter, near the toaster, waiting their turn with the cutting board. I believe that having a couple of avocados aging quietly somewhere should be a staple of any bachelor’s kitchen. With their demise secured, I contemplated the exact form of their fate. I settled on a nice batch of guacamole. Guacamole: the party food! It sits beautifully atop a burrito, or lathered within a taco. It mixes well in a salad (I guess you can just chop up the avocados for that, but whatever). Even naked in a bowl it’s prized.

That’s because when the guac comes out, it’s going to be a community event. It’s placed out on the table to be enjoyed by the group! No double dipping though, because that’s gross.  So as you mix up your guac, remember that the true star of the party isn’t the loudest, prettiest or even the fanciest dish. The star of the party is really the one that shows up with the mission to unite the group in celebration!

Maimed avocados; a small price to pay for awesome guac.
Maimed avocados; a small price to pay for awesome guac.

Guacamole is incredibly easy to compose, so opt for homemade over the store-bought goop. Here’s a basic rundown of how it works, in case you’ve never tried it yourself (and if you haven’t, you really need this experience. Also, being able to whip up even the simplest dish is beneficial while courting)….

1 ) Cut open 2-3 avocados (depending on how much you want). Real easy: slice around the circumference of the fruit. Now get that seed out of there!
2) Scoop those smooth, smooth innards out and put it all into a mixing bowl
3) Sprink in some cumin, salt, and lemon. These three components are the basic essentials to making guacamole party-worthy. Feel free to experiment, maybe sprinkle in some paprika or chili powder, but always add in the three aforementioned ingredients.
4) Mix it all up. My preference is a mashing/stirring motion with a fork. Take a scoop in your chip and give it a test run. Adjust spices accordingly.
5) To give your guac a bit of a refined, silky finish feel free to add some sour cream into the mix. I cannot deny that this little turn does give it a nice texture.
6) I recommend topping your guac with crumbles of Cotija or Queso Fresco. And there you have it!

Now you are ready to party!


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