The Unemployment Experience

It’s bound to happen to most of use at some point in life: unemployment. It’s quite an experience, especially if you manage to live it for a prolonged time, say over three months. It’s even more interesting when it seeps past the six month mark. Pray you never encounter such circumstances.

It's funny because it's true!It’s funny because it’s true!

I’ve crossed over into that special realm where my unemployment still abides. It’s been seven months. Perhaps I should take my resume into a new industry? I am possibly being too…picky in my search. But like most things in life, the “why” isn’t as important as the “how”. 

As with most of experiences in life, this one too can be surmised in the simple language of a poem….

The Unemployment Poem: Part One

Patently obvious with all the grit

stuck between your teeth

that you haven’t been

to the mountain

over yonder

See its peak so brazenly


You’re surprised it hasn’t

torn a hole in the sky

stars spilling out

Travelers become mountaineers

kissing and dancing

their way into the


It’s only a matter of time

until the laughter and dreams

climb too high


eavesdrop on

So where do you belong

among the spilling stars

or still in the sand


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