A Poetic Take on Some of Yoda’s Advice

We all would rather forget the regrettable Star Wars prequel series. Well, I confess enjoying some of the Revenge of the Sith. There, I said it. I’m a little ashamed to make that admission, but why deny what I know to be true. There is a line from Yoda to a troubled Anakin:


I have since thought about this wisdom. I feel like letting go is one of life’s most difficult lessons to pass. Of course, I have taken these musings and put them into a little poem….


Little Mary-sue Never Quite Learned

Little Mary-Sue’s
little hands clasped
around her
little porcelain
Little curls bouncing
Little Mary-Sue’s smile
The two could be
sisters in another time
The two smile
blink back and forth
Until hours open up
between them
between their
little smiles
growing so big
the porcelain pulls
Little eyes fall shut
Little Mary-Sue clutches
knuckles ignite white
Ferocious blood flows
from heart to hands
while the growing
hours claim their
little prize
They pull away
her fierce blood pools
around her
the stems of her
little chair
and the tattered ends where
little hands once
refused to let go


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