The Unemployment Experience

One aspect of this unemployment experience (which is entering its eight month) is how often I forget the day of the week. I sent a text message to a friend wishing him a happy Thursday. His reply reminded me that it was still only Tuesday, but he appreciated the thought. When there is nothing like objectives, deadlines, or events weeks days just kind of lose their distinction. You don’t have weekdays, you have a week. If this keeps ups there won’t be weeks only months. Of course, the counter to this condition is to create objectives and deadlines. But a  work-week, is what really gives the days personalities. Fridays aren’t as important because they are basically like Saturdays or Sundays. Mondays don’t seem so bad because they act just like Friday.

Friday is faking it.
Friday is faking it.

 And now to say all of that poetically…

The Unemployment Poem – Part 2
I’m looking down
down the week
undressing the
with uninspired eyes
looking for next
Months later
eyes rove up and
down those same days
all wrapped
in a nude-colored
gown now
one big clump
of time
not to be pulled apart
into weekdays
just a body of time
to curl up to
and spoon


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