If looks could kill, Mean Gays come pretty close

My friend, Jorge, and I had a few thoughts about a particular segment of the gay community based on observations we have made and experiences we have had, so…


MeanGay_Look_Macklemore Hairy Cut Sometimes, Mean Gays look good

Have you ever looked at a guy and you knew he was perfect? He had a perfect smile, beautiful eyes, and perfectly cut hair? Then when you try to talk to him on Grindr or in person, he completely ignores you and your polite attempt at a conversation. How could that perfect guy who, in your head, was incredibly sweet and possibly the man of your dreams, be a Mean Gay?!

Lucky for you, we’re here to help you identify the Mean Gays in real life and in online applications. After careful research in a controlled environment (Sacramento’s 5 local bars/clubs plus Grindr, Scruff, Jacked, Growler etc., etc ), we’ve narrowed it down to some basics. First we will discuss how to ID a Mean Gay by their looks. If you are still having trouble ID’ing him, we will show you how they communicate or…

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