A dear friend of mine…

I can say that because our time as friends has reached beyond the two decade mark. Third grade we met and have been in each others lives since. There have been some periods of physical and/or emotional distance, but it always came back to the start and carried on. We have accumulated many story after story. I’ll have to share the “Great Souffle Debate” one of these days.

…this dear friend has, at long last, caught her first big break. It’s the first step in her dream of being on a world stage. Theatre is her love, her passion and after chasing for years, she is now in England obtaining her MFA in theatre. Major accomplishment. Cheers to her!

That's Birmingham not BirmingHAM...Alabama.
That’s Birmingham not BirmingHAM…Alabama.

And of course, as this momentous life change unfolded, I had to pen a poem about it. It’s mostly about her and her big break….

Big Break (Exit Samia)

The years have paraded over you
like so many giant shoes
stamping out their own
Boots of steel toes
Stilettos, some sneakers, even flip flops
Passing your dream
ignoring your voice
all pressing down your neck
We sat out on the sidewalk
to talk it out
many times
asking God when
the day would break
through the heels of
all those shoes
and bring your
dreams to life


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