Habitually Mean

The Mean Gay has that certain look. They have a particular way of communicating, but there’s more you need to know about the Mean Gay that might have escaped your attention. We’re talking about patterns of behavior that may help you spot this breed of gay…

The Plasitcs
They’re mean, yes, but they are still social creatures. The Mean Gay is going to be found in a clique with others like him. If you spot a cluster of Twinks or a congregation of jocks approach carefully; you never know if you will be met with a storm of mean.

The Spot
Not the g-spot, but the spot where the Mean Gays like to spend their free time. There are a few key locations where you are likely to encounter these cliques. When you frequent the gym your chances of running into them have just risen exponentially. This is probably the top spot. Next to the gym, a restaurant specializing in sushi is another likely location to see the Mean Gay. For some reason, gays in general have an affinity for sushi. Could be the fancy, frilly aesthetics and danty portions. .The Mean Gays are no exception! In addition to this rule, they are going to be at some of your more preppy clothing stores. Let’s see: Abercrombie and Fitch (in fact, he may be the shirtless, hairless model greeting you), American Eagle, H&M, and fine underwear establishments like Andrew Christian.

This is My Jam
There is a repertoire of tunes that most Mean Gays seem to have in common, and when any of these songs plays you can hear them screetch out “this is my jam!!!” and will flock to the floor where they drop it like it’s hot. These tastes include ballads by powerful women, thumping beats, and scathing lyrics (remember, they love bitchy attitudes). If he “rocks out” to Beyonce, then you are probably looking at a Mean Gay.

She knows she is a gay icon and not a hip-hop superstar, right?
She knows she is a gay icon and not a hip-hop superstar, right?

If he starts screeching “this is my jam” when “Fancy” by Iggy What’s-Her-Name plays in the club, then you might have a Mean Gay. Does he want to have Kiki? Mean Gay!

Me Time
Probably the most telling sign of a Mean Gay is a selfish propensity in the bedroom (or bathroom, wherever you end up having sex with the guy…and it will happen at least once). Some guys are complete givers during sex, and that’s okay. Maybe you like for your sexual partner to sit back and just let you do all that work. That’s cool because a Mean Gay is going to be all about that. He is going to want to sit back and be serviced. And when the last drop is out, he is going to look at you and say “Oh, did you want to finish too?” He might have gone down on you for maybe a second, but he is not going to be volunteering to pleasure you all the way to climax. Why? Because he is a Mean Gay and only has a mind for his orgasm, and his orgasm alone. You’re on your own when

Here's the lube, but first let me take a selfie.
Here’s the lube, but first let me take a selfie.

you’re having sex with a Mean Gay. Oh, he might offer to help, and by help he means hand you the lube, because once he has climaxed he is done for the night (he will be checking Facebook, Instagram, or text messages while he waits for you to finish). Don’t even think about getting comfortable and cuddling up for some pillow talk. No, he has satiated his desire, so you are excused.

Beware the habits of the Mean Gay. This information may very well save you heartache and disappointment. Leave room for the man that will treat you like a priority, not an option. Of course, if you just can’t say no then be prepared for the fallout, which will be next week’s post.



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