Music and Memory

I’m always pretty amazed(sometimes annoyed) at how the mind connects experiences and stimuli. Once that connection has been formed it always feel nearly impossible to break. If someone has figured out the formula for taking care of those, feel free to comment. I’m told the point of existence is to learn from all of these experiences.  Embrace those connections and help them improve one’s self.

This networking the brain does it not always regrettable. I mean, it is the path to many beautiful pieces of art. It’s how all my poems come into existence. Take this past weekend for example: I’m at a dive bar listening to live music and suddenly my brain connects that experience and the stimulus into a point, a story almost. Then I expactorated it all out onto a piece of paper in the form of a poem:

Victory In Compromise Let’s Me Know

I’ve found myself a spot
in this dive
shouldered against a pillar
From the stage
guitar riffs
spill out over the crowd
Not a single chord
says your name
I’ve been waiting for
that song
the one not
of your memory
A parade of laughing
late night talks
and fucking
that inevitable marches
behind my eyes
against familiar tunes
But tonight
I safely wander
among this pristine sound

Here is a demo from the band I was enjoying at the time. Give them listen:


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