Just a Cutie or a Hottie?

So, I once asked a friend of mine what his “type” was. In his response he mentioned the criterion “hotness”. That was it; there wasn’t a definition of “hotness”. Naturally I had to ask what qualified as “hot”. And what he told me was a bit of wisdom:

“Not sure. My brain knows and tells me.”

That was a pretty succinct. When he finished sharing, all I could do was nod. He had said it all. After that conversation I began cogitating on the idea of “attractiveness.”
In surveying the topography of another human being, there is a litany of adjectives to express pleasure in the view. Really, the list could go on and on. To avoid being verbose, I tend to classify attraction in a few simple degrees:
There is cute
There is handsome
There is beautiful or pretty
There’s sexy
And then there’s hot!
Not that these categories are mutually exclusive (someone can be cut and handsome, which means they are probably sexy too). But here’s what I mean by each:

See, look how cute he is! Totes adorbs!
See, look how cute he is! Totes adorbs!

First, there’s cute…cute would be entry level. It’s sort of the catch-all adjective, generic in a way, because it isn’t too intense of a word. Cute is where whimsy and endearing meet…with dimples. You want to cuddle and hug cute. Sure, a person who is sexy or handsome is probably cute too, but it doesn’t always work the other way around. See also: adorable.



There is handsome…another catch-all generic term, handsome

Indiana Jones 4 sucked, but he was still so very handsome.
Indiana Jones 4 sucked, but he was still so very handsome.

has breadth. A person may not read very high on the ol’ “attractive meter” but they can still be handsome. But handsome is double edged sword. It can be used to avoid being mean/rude but it can also be a genuine compliment. The power is in you to decide! The difference between being handsome and cute? Handsome is ageless. Very few men of a certain age are cute, but they can be handsome for far longer.

Seriously! He probably broke Photoshop.

There is beautiful or pretty…the terms for classifying attractiveness begin to narrow at this point. I don’t know anyone who would call Handsome Mr. Sean Conery “pretty” or “beautiful”, but that doesn’t detract from his level of attractiveness. Being pretty or beautiful is just a different level. It speaks to a person with some very striking physical features, features that are far less common than those found on a handsome or cute person.


There’s Sexy…sexy is subjective to the point that it almost seems moot to try and put it into any sort of confinement, but in this context sexy is more than handsome or pretty…or cute and handsome. Sexy is not just a way to sum up someone’s physique (my blog, by definitions). The sexy level is about an attitude, a certain demeanor that triggers the mind to say “sexy!” It’s a sense of humor, a bad-boy image, or the right suit.

Chirs Pratt is Sexy
Stop being funny and smiling because you’re turning me on.


And then there’s hot!…not every hot guy could be considered cute or handsome (butterface, anyone?), so this level is purely animalistic. Forget the sense of humor or smile. Hot is about that single moment of seeing a person and then wanting to rip said person’s clothes off to consume him or her.

No words...
No words…

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