Wallflowers Wanna Know

It’s funny how ideas strike. Most of the time they hit me right as my head hits the pillow; so opportune. I pretty must always yield to the gentle nudging of a creative impression. I would not want to lose what could be the nugget that takes me away from the 9-to-5 and into the world of publication.

But I am firm believer that most inspiration for writing come from just living. Being a part of life and observing the occurrences transpiring around us inform some of the best literature. I mean, think about all the mythologies across the world, throughout the ages; all of them the result of someone sitting and watching the world around them, hoping to explain what they were witnessing. And so we have some amazing tales and poems.

This little poem was born of a similar process: observing my surroundings and intending to make sense of it, to my own mind at least.

A Wallflower Wonders

Photo courtesy of Julius Andres Manzano.

The Revelers made no noise
Only spoke in smiles
Moving under artificial lights
To a melody none of us could understand
We stood and watched
Amongourselves about
The plausibility
Of their frivolity
Were we doing something wrong?
Were they?
There wasn’t anyone to ask
Revelers were lost in the art
Of the moment
We could only speculate


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