A Debriefing

I’m freshly home from a night out with a couple of compatriots. Being in a new state (Utah) has made finding new friends important. Fortunately I have found a couple which means I now have a social life again. And tonight I exercised that sociability. Of course, this could be all the Cherry Cokes (Coke with grenadine…just go with it) talking. It was a pleasant experience and one that provided continuous smiles.

These crazy bitches….made the night unforgettable

Again, could the be the Cherry Cokes, but I had to cement this experience and my perspective on said experience. And how best to do that? Since my phone died early on and I could not slather my social media with updates and photos? Well, let me show you how:

Let’s Go Out Tonight

I swipe my drink

from off the bar

I pause

There is a beat in

the air here

throbbing in my ears

breaking the atmosphere

a million shards

which swirl into infinite


until the bass-line is the

is part of the air

I put my drink

to my lips

looking over the rim

towards my friends

Climbing over the noise

and blur

their enduring laughter

skips from between

perpetual smiles

but into a mortal world

it arrives

The beat will end

The laughter will die

Smiles will fade

I put my drink down

and pray to the

stars outside

that this night

will abide.


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