Thirsty Thursday Thoughts

Image courtesy of Bharat Chintapalli on Flickr.

It’s becoming a thing: going out with the boys for some food and then drink and pool to follow. Not that my billiard game is improving much. It’s not. I think I typically win 0 out of three games. The other fellas usually end up engaged in some duel to best one another. That’s fine. I’m content to sit back and sip on cherry cokes. Actually, it kind of bugs me but I’m not really interested in practicing to get better. Asi es la vida.

In any case, the night ended and I am at home thinking about the myriad of stimuli that I took in: the lights, the hugs, the awful karaoke that precipitated our exodus…and then there is the alcohol. I’m not one to partake but I have no principled objections to the practice. And in light of this Thursday tradition, I have composed a poem: 

Another Round

His intent was
never to scrape the bottom
of the bottle
Peel back his lips
admitting the
Let reality go
corner the truth
hold on until
If he can keep
his grasp on tonight
a little longer
maybe tomorrow
won’t matter
synchronized lips
a kiss between each sip
Find him another
bottle so he
can forget the word


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