Pride 2017

Wasn’t it lovely? Rainbows at every corner, and in between. Pride has really taken off, sorta mainstream now. Which is kinda nice. Maybe we’ve gotten to that goal of having all orientations on some sorta equPride 2017al footing. I mean, maybe not perfect equal footing. I dunno. From my experience, society is pretty darn close if not there.  But maybe I hold a rosier view than most. The way I see this who Pride thing is that I can say “boyfriend” or walk down the street holding a guy’s hand without fear of reprisal. It’s a good place to be because I like holding hands with a guy and such. It was never about sex; the sex was gonna happen regardless because sex is one of those basic functions of existence. No, Pride, to me, is about validating the  more romantic aspects of a non-hetero relationship.

At the end of the day, I sat back of the booth of some diner, I was content that I could casually talk about the guy who just ended the pursuit of a relationship over text message. The modern, technical age: what a time to be alive.

Naturally, I took this opportunity of a life-experience to create a piece of art. In my case, the medium will always be the written word…


There was strong potential
All the signs
Began to appear
I could feel it
The tensions
Pulsing in the air
Just beneath the surface
Draining the blue
from the sky
Leaving a grey pallor
A state so fragile
I could crack
with a simple stare
And I had to wonder
How it got here
Sauntering from somewhere
Into full view
Un-modestly spread
across my view
Until all I can see
Are drops of rain
Tinkling off
My hair.


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