Chocolate Review: Lolli & Pops

I stood, eyes cast up at the nostalgic facade. Glitter of display cases and metallic-colored wrappings lured me away from the banal mall. My friend grinned and followed, helpless to help me. I threw aside the burdensome bag I had acquired at another chocolatier (I won’t name names). When I had passed into the white glow, a song played in my head; You can probably guess which one.

Maybe it didn’t happen exactly that way, but my first sighting of Lolli & PopsLolli and Pops - Sactown Magazine was slightly mesmerizing. It is rare that I happen upon a candy store that captures the essence of a candy store, the ideal that imagination captures so pristine. I think Lollip & Pops has accomplished that. From the packaging to the outfits their “magic makers” wore – stripped aprons and boater hats- this place was ideal in almost every way (nothing is perfect).

20170621_165534Patrons to this oasis of sweetness are greeted by a standard display of truffles. They appear to be similar to those found in most specialty sweet shops, like Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory or (a personal fave) Chocolate Heaven. There are probably some unique selections in their collection though. I honestly haven’t investigated that claim. What I do know is that the experience, the set up, will make visits to previous chocolate stores fade into the background.

I feel in love with a few of the truffles. They were plump but not too large. I adored the cookies n’ cream cones the most. In fact, on my way out of town I returned and bought a few for the road. But I digress.

This place houses not just truffles but a unique line of chocolate bars. There is a plethora of signature bars to choose from, categorized into themes (dessert flavors, breakfast flavors, fruit flavors). Some are topped with bits of other treats, some are infused with pronounced flavors and crispy textures.

I picked out the”Luscious Red Velvet” (a smooth, subtle concoction with just a hint of red velvet so as not to interrupt the primary flavor of milk chocolate).  I wish I could give specific reviews of more bars, but my budget for frivolous sweets had been stretched to the seams. I had carried out four truffles and two bars, one red velvet and one European make. bars

But I spend money on the principal of “perceived value”. I perceived the chocolate I carried out worth the money I had spent.

And as I walked away, I looked back: where did this store come from, I wondered. I mean, I had only been gone from Sacramento for about two years and up springs this haven of sweets.

I missed the announcement back in 2012 when Lolli & Pops opened for business (headquarters in San Francisco, of course). Now these “purveyors of sweetness” are in 14 states. Why they aren’t in Utah, I don’t understand. All I can do is dream and message them on every social media channel until it happens.

I give this place a “Solid King Size” rating. If you have one in your neck of the woods, stop by. Or if not, order online!



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